Best Soundbar for Apartment in 2024

Are you looking to fill your apartment with high-quality sound? Then the soundbar is an excellent option for your apartment. So we have arranged the match for the best soundbar for apartment.

Here is the music of war. Hey, this is Heretopbest reviews, and no, you didn’t take the wrong turn on YouTube.

You’re here to be part of history that’s in the next couple of minutes we’re gonna take together and make a decision on the absolute all-time best soundbar and a special soundbar ultimate battle royale.

So this is how this battle royale is gonna go down. Eight of the finest soundbars money can buy all eight contenders are set to battle it out in four different brackets.

At the end of the quarter-finals, four winners will move on to the semifinals, and from there, two will move on to the finals with the winner being crowned as the best soundbar for apartment of 2022.

Unfortunately, we’re still talking about still objects so instead of throwing punches each soundbar fights with some quality, features, design, overall value for money off. So let’s create our four brackets:

List of the Best Soundbar for Apartment

  • Yamaha YSP 5600 Soundbar
  • Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar
  • Sonos Beam Soundbar
  • Bose Soundbar 700
  • LG SL10Y Soundbar
  • Polk Command Bar
  • Nakamichi Shockwafe 9.2.4
  • Samsung HW-Q90R

In the first bracket, we’ll have the veteran Yamaha YSP 5600 versus the Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar.

best soundbar for apartment

In the second bracket will have the Sonos beam soundbar versus Bose soundbar 700.

In the third bracket, the LG SL10Y verses Polk command bar

And in the fourth bracket finally, we have the Battle of the two giants which will faceoff Nakamichi shockwave 9.2.4 VS. Samsung hwq90r.

8 begin one survives. This is a soundbar battles fight.

Round 1. Yamaha YSP 5600 versus the Sennheiser Meo sambar

Yamaha YSP 5600 versus the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar. On the one side, we have the very aging, however, still innovative Yamaha YSP 5600 Sound Projector going as far back as 2016.

The Yamaha YSP 5600 was the first soundbar to offer both Dolby atmos and VPS tech support.

Now you might be tempted to write it off as an old and irrelevant soundbar but this bad boy still packs a lot of muscle even when comparing with today’s newest soundbars together with support for admins DTS X.

The YSP 5600 speed it has no less than four 4k ready HDMI in use. So, it’s one of the only soundbars in the market right now that can be used as a switch for your home theatre and useful feature. We still utilize it almost on a daily basis.

It also supports Yamaha’s music apps which we still considered as one of the best music systems out there and the sound field, this bad boy manages to create a truly wide and impressive sound field for both music and movies.

The feeling we get is kind of like there is a 3d bubble of sound between us and the television.

A feeling that we’re struggling to find in other standalone sambars. However, in order to objectively judge this fight, we must address the downsides that severely hold it back.

First, we’re talking about a standalone soundbar without physical surround speakers and that will always fall short of the true and immersive multi-speaker surround setups.

However, how does this fare against the Sennheiser AMBEO despite being much older? We found the YSP 5600 to have a much wider and better soundstage compared to the ambient.

It has more functions, more ports, and currently, it’s even priced better than the AMBEO.

There is one place though where the AMBEO delivers a brutal punch and its sound quality.

Sound Quality

In our testing side-by-side, the Yamaha YSP 5600 felt short in sound quality and delivered less vocal claret, treble and weaker base compared to the ambient and even completely cheaper soundbars the AMBEO truly dominated in the sound quality battle.

It also supports Dolby Atom and 80s 6 and handles them extremely well with various supported titles.

This soundbar is an all-in-one system without compromise and that’s essentially its biggest selling and leave it with the lack of physical surround speakers.

It does a phenomenal job at providing an immersive and surrounding audio experience with a wide soundstage, powerful Lowe’s, great vocals, and convincing Dolby Atmos separation.

Judging this battle wasn’t easy but having weighed all the factors. Our goal is to award the wind to the Sennheiser AMBEO in this fight.

Congratulations to the Sennheiser AMBEO that will be moving on to the semi-finals.

Round 2. Sonos Beam Soundbar versus Bose Soundbar 700.

The second bracket is the Sonos Beambar versus Bose 700. This one is a tough call as we loved and enjoyed both soundbars very much.

Now we patiently waited for four years after the launch of the Sonos beam bar in a whole year after the play base and finally, Sunnis gave us the beam soundbar. Joining the already established Sonos product family.


As far as design goes, both fighters are ranked among the most elegant soundbars in the market.

The Sonos beam bar is a wonderful machine with well thought of design. It comes in black and white.

It’s a very compact and clean bill and has round edges and just an all-around beautiful soundbar.

If you ask us, this is by far, so knows best and most useful speakers design everyone, but the beambar bar is much more than just a shiny object.

It has plenty of features into the Analects integration and voice control to control the TV and the soundbar.

Music streaming is on board with every Sonos product. We know that. There are a lot of streaming choices with the psalmist app including Amazon music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and many more.

Sound Quality

AppleAirPlay is also supported, and we can’t forget about it being part of the established Sano’s ecosystem which means multi-room support and integration with other songs of speakers.

So what about the sound well, if you’re familiar with the songs sound characteristics. I’ll escape the beam doesn’t sound that much different.

It produces wide soundstage and sound elevation. Especially relative to its compact size effects always felt to us like they stretch well beyond the range of the screen.


The mids treble is well balanced. Bass levels are average and not room rattling but enough to provide pleasant music listening and movie watching experience without necessary yearning for more bass.

As for price, it’s priced lower than the Bose soundbar 700 but not by much. So the beam packs a lot of punches against the Bose 700. But now it’s time for the bowl 700 to strike back.

So here we go, the Bose 700 has Alexa integration, HDMI air see a beautiful design.

It has two colour options great soundstage in Volkers music streaming options and in speakers expandability options and the Bose iconic sound behind.

However, we’re the Bose 700 throws the winning punches is with its premium design.

It is much deeper in a nice bass, wider soundstage, and overall better sound punchiness and clear vocals with both music and movies.

The Bose 700 gets the slight edge in this close fight mainly. Thanks to the slightly more prominent and broader soundstage and vocals.

We love you Sonos beam but we have to get this battle to the Bose soundbar 700 and honestly, we can’t wait to see how it fare against the Sennheiser AMBEO in this semifinals.

Round 3. LG SL10Y verses Polk Command Bar

Next up, we got the LG SL10Y verses the Polk command bar. On the one side, we got the LG SL10Y an impressive soundbar it offers both Dolby Atmos MVP SX support using its main up-firing speaker.


The LG SL10Y delivers up to 570 watts of power from the main speaker and up to 220 watts from its front-firing Wireless subwoofers.

That’s a lot of oomph, and that leaves the much weaker command bar in the ropes.

Along with the optional wireless rear speakers, this system offers up to five-point one point two channels for an immersive movie-watching experience.

Sound Quality

Thanks to LG’s ongoing partnership with British sound specialist Meridian audio.

It also packs some impressive audio performance. The soundstage is wide, and what dialogue and effects are loud and clear.

We can definitely attest to this satisfying and uncompromising soundstage with the reliable and accurate lows that are enabled. Thanks to this cooperation.

On the other side of the Ring, we got too young and agile competitors. The Polk command bar while being excellent and very affordable, let’s face it.

It can barely go the distance against a giant like the SL10Y. However, it will give it a good run for its money throughout our testing.

The soundbar consistently showed above-average sound clarity. Especially with a decent pace that we got from the included wireless subwoofer.

This is a 2.1 channel system, though. So, it should come as no surprise when we say it cannot compete with any of the higher soundbars so far as room-filling sound goes our advanced format support.

So with a better audio performance ever soundstage and more features. The LG SL10Y not only wins this battle but knocks out that command bar.

It takes over with a fully brutal knockout and proceeds to the semi-finals. The opponent is going to be revealed in the next round.

Round 4. Nakamichi Shockwave 9.2.4 VS. Samsung HW-Q90

For the final battle of the quarterfinals, we got a juicy one for you. We got the Atmos giant’s,

The Nakamichi shockwave nine-point two-point four versus the Samsung HW-Q9R. Both competitors are proven soundbar systems with the physical up-firing speaker.

Our testing of the shockwave delivered very satisfying results. We’ve really had everything going Trent ranging from 16 physical drivers that provide fully immersive nine points two-point four-channel special audio, exceptionally well balanced mid-low ranges, built-in each several groups, and even Dolby vision support.

Yeah, Samsung’s flagship is indeed the heavyweight beast in this ring, but the shockwave manages to represent Nakamichi standards of excellence accurately.

Now let’s talk about the areas in which we prefer the Shockwave over Samsung Q90R.


Bass or shall we put it room-filling booming bass. We spent hours of testing how the bar handles reach effect moves and can confirm that the dual subwoofer concept is much more than just a gimmick.

Nakamichi is one of the first companies to implement this tech in the living room, and the results are phenomenal.

Its bass is smooth and balanced across the entire room. It makes us feel right in the center of the action.


Another area where the shockwave manages to deliver a powerful blow Samsung Q90R is the price and features. Though priced lower in the Samsung Q90R the Nakamichi has several additions like more connection ports, bill provisions support, Bluetooth support, and hence the first round with an uppercut.


Thanks to slightly bolder and fresher design so the Samsung Q90R is and ropes took a few punches, but it quickly returns to strike back with the essential aspect of any soundbar, which is audio quality.

Audio Quality

Taking a closer to listen to both systems, we determined that the Samsung Q90R brings better sound quality overall.

Much thanks to the Harman Kardon signature sound for music listening ranging from bass-filled hip-hop the classical music maybe put the Harman Kardon tuning has a clear advantage with instruments clarity bass and vocals.

Harman Kardon has done a phenomenal job in terms of tuning the sambar to deliver performance that would please even the most demanding music fans.

We feel that Samsung Q90R has got the music playback part locked free movies in the home cinema. Both soundbars provide a beautiful experience where you fill in the middle of the action.

However, when watching Atmost movies, we found that the Samsung Q90R soundstage is slightly more spatial and accurate, and we have to give the edge to the Q90R. So, these both contestants want the full 12 rounds in a grueling battle.

They exchanged some heavy punches, but we got to get a slight edge to the Samsung Q90R that takes this match and with a heavy heart.

Wrapping Up

We say farewell to the Nakamichi shockwave nine-point two-point four, and on that note, we welcome this semifinalist; the Samsung Q90R the Bose soundbar 700, the Sennheiser AMBEO, the LG SL10Y. So, here is our reviews for the best soundbar for apartment.

Did you agree with our ranking and if your personal favorites you would have liked to see included let us know social media add HereTopBest on Twitter Instagram and Facebook let us know in the comments below as well, and we’ll catch you guys in a next article.

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