Best Soundbar for High Ceilings in 2024

Finding the best soundbar for high ceilings? See Expert’s Top 10 soundbars for high ceilings. What features should you search for in a soundbar? Check our list of High-performance, Budget-friendly Dolby Atmos Technology.

A soundbar for high ceilings is a specialized type of soundbar that is designed to provide clear, high-quality audio in a space with high ceilings.

It not only improves the room’s aesthetics but also balances its functionality. It occupies less space and improves your interior. The best soundbar for high ceilings comes with technologically advanced features. You can make your home theatre sound dynamic and immersive without buying bulky speakers.

These soundbars typically feature advanced technologies and design features that help to produce a wide, immersive soundstage that can fill a large room and overcome the challenges posed by high ceilings.

Some of the best soundbars for high ceilings on the market today include the Sonos Arc, the Yamaha YAS-209, and the Bose Soundbar 700. These soundbars offer a range of features and capabilities, including support for popular voice assistants, multiple connectivity options, and advanced sound processing technology.

Top 10 Best Soundbars for High Ceilings in 2022

Ready to transform your home theatre into a smart one? Here are some top recommendations so you can pick the best soundbar for rooms with high ceilings with confidence.

Bose Smart Soundbar 900 With Dolby Atmos

best soundbar for high ceilings


  • Best for high ceilings
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Voice control
  • Bose Music app

1. Best Overall – Bose Smart Soundbar 900 With Dolby Atmos

best soundbar for high ceilings

Do you want to get through an aesthetically appealing experience? The enticing Bose voice control soundbar makes you feel the sound is coming from every direction.

It produces an extra dimension of height to your sound. For a great listening experience, this Dolby Atmos soundbar is best for you.

Built-in Voice Assistants:

You’ll be surprised that your voice is the only remote control you need to give commands. It can hear you even when music is playing aloud. The noise-rejecting feature listens for orders in all directions.

Moreover, you have the choice to turn off the microphone with a button whenever you want privacy. It allows you to hear the same song or enjoy different ones in each space.

Voice Control Feature:

Want to control your TV and cable with just your voice? Download the Bose Music app and quickly set up Voice4Video technology without missing a beat. Its wireless streaming helps you connect with Bluetooth, WiFi, Apple AirPlay2, and Spotify.

All you have to do is just say aloud about any playlist, and Bose Smart Speaker connects to your favorite music. What’s more? If you know someone who has a Bose smart speaker or Amazon Echo product. This soundbar allows you to make and receive their calls without touching your phone.

Dolby Atmos Works Flawlessly:

Want a super clear sound and a tight full bass? Dolby Atmos up-firing speakers lift the sound as if you are in the center of a crossfire. It makes you feel as if you are in a theatre with sounds coming at you from all sides and behind.

This smart wireless Bluetooth soundbar is fantastic and queer at the same time. Large rooms require something different, but this Bose combo is perfect for the needs.

With this soundbar, you always have the ease to enhance people’s voices through ‘Dialogue Mode.’ It lets you understand the voices completely while watching TV shows or movies.

Sleek Design:

The graceful & qualitative design produces an ambiance look and incredible sound. You’ll be impressed by its look and sound.

It also allows you to rid yourself of additional speakers and wires. This soundbar makes you love every minute of it and the best you’ll ever own. It is a sleek device, easy to set up, and worth every penny.


  • Voice control soundbar.
  • Exclusive Bose Voice4Video technology.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • The glass top is fragile and can be cracked, or corner dented.
  • Single HDMI port.


This fantastic & smart soundbar is easy to connect and requires a single connection to any TV. Just hook it to the power cable and turn it on. Moreover, you can browse your music in one place by downloading the Bose Music app. From this single soundbar, you can bring the hypnotizing experience of a movie theater to your home.

2. Best Budget – JBL 5.1- Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar

best soundbar for high ceilings

Worried about the walls and ceilings that are too far apart to get the digital sound effect? Fear not, as JBL 5.1 serves this purpose well. Your search for the best soundbar for large rooms with high ceilings ends on its excellent dialogue delivery. The bass is great on the subwoofer, which brings clarity of sound.

4K Connectivity:

It comes with 3 HDMI input where you can connect all your 4k devices to simulate an Ultra HD experience. To enjoy a surprising effect, you can plug your HDMI cable from the sound bar into the HDMI input on your TV.

It’ll give you super convenience. When you turn on the TV, clap the JBL System also gets on with it. Bluetooth allows you to stream all of your music from any of your smart devices.

Incredible Rich Bass:

Handling the volume without distortion is not a problem anymore. Moreover, you can enjoy up to 10 hours of playing time on a charge.

It is easy to take the speakers apart if you want to enjoy movies or intense shows. Put them where you want the surround sound, and it’ll automatically configure them to 5.1.

Detachable Wireless Speakers:

best soundbar for high ceilings
Detachable Wireless Speakers

Detachable wireless speakers increase the left and right surround sound effects. You can also charge the rear speakers with a micro USB charger. Turning on the speaker and plugging it into the USB will connect to the soundbar. They last long enough for a party and pack a lot of sound for their size.

Ease To Use TV Remote:

It allows you to use your TV control for the TV and the soundbar. That’s why it is designed keeping in mind many of today’s top TV remote controls.

What makes it unique is that you need the JBL remote only to configure the settings. Like adjusting the bass and calibrating the antenna. At the same time, the sound gets clear through the center channel to give you a fantastic experience.

Ultimate All–Wireless Movie Experience:

Are you tired of wires? This best soundbar for high ceilings gives you a flexible placement. You can enjoy its thrilling bass without the hassle of cables. The JBL Bar 5.1 is a powerful and loud soundbar that makes your movie experience phenomenal.

It guarantees high-grade audio performance for your movies, shows & music. You can switch between sounds from any device like your phone, tablet, and TV.

Easy Setup:

All you have to do is take the two speakers off and place them where you want. Hit the button on the remote, and it’s good to go.

In less than a minute, you can enjoy your favorite sound system. Wall mounts for the sound bar and the wireless detachable speakers are easy to set up.


  • Detachable & battery-powered surround speakers.
  • Extremely simple and acute.
  • It works with your TV remote.
  • JBL SoundShift.


  • The bar seems a bit long if wireless speakers are adjoined.


 A clean sound from this slim profile makes your cinematic experience versatile. It makes your videos and music-listening experience delightful. You will be blown away at how great this system sounds. It is a purchase you will not regret.

3. Best Features – Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar

best soundbar for high ceilings

Are you a gamer who wants explosions to rattle them or a passionate movie lover? In any situation, you can use this highly connected Nakamichi. The finest soundbar for vaulted ceilings creates a sound that surrounds you and fills the entire space. Enjoying a higher caliber sound performance is now easier.

Powerful Bass:

It comes up with significant bass effects. It gives you the maximum intensity and gets equally distributed in all directions across the entire room.

It delivers full entertainment and adds dramatic richness and feel to your home theatre experience. Its wireless subwoofer conveys steady, room-shaking low frequencies that enrich the impact of your home theater.

Advanced Connectivity:

You can connect up to six devices via 1 HDMI ARC, 3 HDMI, 1 Optical, and 1 Coaxial input. This soundbar is highly connective as it comes with built-in Bluetooth &WiFi connectivity. Bluetooth aptX makes it easy to stream your favorite music from your portable wireless devices like phones, tablets & smart TV.

Its dual center channels bring clarity to music and produce a crystal apparent ambient effect. You sense a new listening experience and feel accurate directional sound.

Two 2-Way Rear Speakers:

As you know, placing multiple speakers around you is the only way to get the same cinema sound. For the same reason, its Eight-Speaker Driver with rear surround speakers gives you an extremely well-balanced quality.

The courtesy of 2 rear surround speakers reproduces high frequencies with captivating clarity. It has a premium and smart look, unlike many other soundbars.

These speakers have a great power curve for average listeners and fill the room instantly. The sound stage it provides is equally great for movies and music. Instead of screeching, you can listen to good clarity at high volumes.

Dolby Atmos Technology:

The Dolby Atmos Technology makes you feel inside the action. You get a firm feel and audio adventure from every direction, a thing you might have never experienced before. With the flow all around you, above you, even downwards onto the floor, everywhere in a three-dimensional space.


  • Excellent sound to cost ratio.
  • It has excellent connectivity options with HDMI inputs.
  • Easy installation.
  • It has a solid wireless connection with no dropouts.
  • It has a high-quality backlit remote with lots of features and memory.


  • The connection wire for the rear speakers is a bit thin.
  • Sometimes it gets a bit slower.


The music sounds joyful while listening to this soundbar. It has a nice look with wireless subwoofers. The plug-and-play simplicity allows you to get maximum joy with minimum effort. The sound stage is remarkable; the bass is solid and not boomy, which makes it impressive.

4.  Bose Smart Soundbar 300 With Alexa Voice Control

best soundbar for high ceilings

Talking about transforming your living room into a state-of-the-art movie theatre and forgetting Bose 300? Nope. The Bose sound quality is there with zero distortion at any volume level.

In addition, this well-balanced bar is great for TV, Movies, and Music because of its extended functionality and fantastic sound. The rich bass & the chilling clarity enables you to see what you love with who you love.

Acoustic Performance:

On the one hand, its five full-range drivers produce bold sound. On another, the noise-rejecting mic system detects your command from every direction. Its custom-tailored chip automatically assesses your content and tunes your soundbar accordingly.

The surround speakers will make you feel in the center of the action by giving you more room-rocking sound. This feature makes it the best soundbar for high ceilings and fills your large room with no subwoofer.

Say It & Watch It:

Is not it amazing that with just one simple voice command, you can instantly listen to your favorite playlist? or Can check the weather updates, etc.? Simply say, ‘Alexa, watch channel 25’ to turn your TV on, and this wireless soundbar will straightly jump to your favorite show.

It gives you hands-free voice control. The built-in Alexa can control the volume and change TV channels. No matter if you are at the other end of the house, it can hear you even well.


Either Bluetooth or WiFi, Apple AirPlay 2, or Spotify Connect, you can pair your device to this soundbar to stream your favorite music.

This Bluetooth soundbar is compatible with other Bose products for multi-room hearings. You can enjoy individual or dual-speaker listening, respectively. This way, you can rock the house down. What’s more? You can easily use this as the sound on your computer.

Bose Music App:

You can also download the Bose Music app and simply connect it to your TV via an optical audio cable or an HDMI cable. At the same time, through the fantastic Bose Music app, you can select your voice assistant to get upcoming software updates. Amazingly, you may also connect to local radio stations.

Sleek design:

You can mount this graceful smart soundbar to walls with the help of wall brackets. However, you can place it in front of your TV; it takes less space even in that way. Imagine the ease of connecting it to your TV and plugging it into power to turn it on.

Setting it up is a breeze. It is speedy and takes just 10 mins setting up, even though that includes downloading the application & getting signed in to that.


  • Incredibly streamlined.
  • The speaker synchronizes perfectly.
  • Attractive color and shape.
  • Alexa Voice Control and Google Assistant.
  • You can use it with an ARC HDMI cable.


  • It can be used with an ARC HDMI cable but is not provided.
  • Sometimes unit gets auto-mute & needs to restart.


From classical to hard rock, everything sounds crystal clear and terrific. The rich bass delivers matchless clarity, whereas the matte-Black seamless metal grille gives it a unique look. It is an ideal soundbar you’ll be desirous of at this fair price.

5.  Wohome S89 Soundbar With HDMI-ARC, Bluetooth Connectivity

best soundbar for high ceilings

Need to edit videos? If you have to review videos most of the day, this Wohome S89 is an ideal fit for your office work. Again, if you are tired of the low sound from your TV speakers and want a better one, you can try this best sound system for high ceilings and make your room acoustic friendly.

3D Sound Around:

The 3D equalizer mode brings you a sensational home theater experience, whether movie or music. This soundbar is ideal for televisions, computers, projectors, tablets, and ps4.

You can use it for your iPod, Spotify, iTunes music or movies, etc., as the sound remains loud & clear. You will also find it great for parties and watching movies on the mobile. Its classic design is equally suitable to fit under smart tv and desktop monitors.

Room-filling Sound:

The adjustable bass and treble deliver fantastic, crystal clear sound quality. While the 3D surround full-range speakers are enhanced by a connected subwoofer to produce absolute clarity.

Due to its outstanding technology, it is an ideal fit for your living and bedroom. With a sound that turns out to be perfect, you’ll get an experience beyond this world.

Multi Inputs:

It supports an HDMI-ARC connection, allowing your TV remote to control the volume. Having USB and optical inputs, it’s compatible with almost all your devices.

The installation is easy. Bluetooth wireless connectivity is adequate so that you can enjoy the cinema-like audio-visual experience at home. Enjoy deep bass with its full-range speakers for a clear voice.


  • Beautiful sound quality.
  • Remote and button controls work great.
  • Easy setup.
  • Attractive and Sleek look.


  • There is no HDMI port.
  • The short length of the cords makes for difficult placement.


It is an excellent soundbar that will exceed your expectations with high-quality audio at a great price. Whether you set it on the cabinet or under your mounted TV, it looks great both ways. The LED indicator display allows you to choose different modes.

On top of that, it comes with lifetime technical support and guarantees you 100% satisfaction. Once you use it, you would recommend this sound bar to others.

6.  VMAI TV Soundbar With Subwoofer

best soundbar for high ceilings

Allergic to the crappy sound coming from your TV or having a hard time hearing while watching your favorite show? VMAI Soundbar delivers noticeably better sound.

If you have a man cave or a theater room, you might be in want of something bigger to fit. But this best soundbar for high ceilings can surprise you pleasantly by rocking the entire apartment.

Four Different Sound Modes:

This soundbar lets you easily switch between music, movies, news & 3D mode using the remote control. You can also connect it to your Playstation to play games.

The connectivity with Bluetooth is instant, ensuring faster and smoother transmission over long distances. The voice is clear and crisp to the extent that there is no rattle or vibration. All these qualities make it perfect for a living room home theater.

Multiple Input Options:

This soundbar is easy as it supports wired and wireless connectivity. You can connect it through Bluetooth from your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Connect it to your computer’s Bluetooth to listen to Spotify and get the experience you’ll not regret.

Some wired connections, including RCA, USB, HDMI, Optical, and AUX input, are compatible with your TV, Computers, and Amplifiers.

Touch Panel:

This 12-month warranty stylish soundbar has touch buttons that let you control the volume handily. On that premise, no hard pressing is needed on its side. It also comes with wall mount brackets; you can display it smoothly in your living room.

Powerful Bass & Treble:

With the bass and excellent sound, you’ll hardly find a more capable soundbar with a subwoofer for this price. It fills the room. You’ll feel that you’re not just watching a movie or a TV series; you are in it. It lets you enjoy every detail of your music.

In addition, you can increase or reduce bass and treble based on your preferences. For a more spectacular experience, the surround sound perfectly matches movies, music, and home theater.

It is possible now to enjoy a dynamic home audio experience with four full-range frequency speakers.


  • The subwoofer works pretty well.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • It perfectly fits in small areas.


  • No power or volume buttons on the bar itself.
  • The provided cable is a bit short, which limits placement options.


This ultra-slim, all-purpose soundbar enhances the splendor of your room and is adequate for playing your favorite music or games. You can place it almost anywhere. Indeed, it is a decent soundbar at a reasonable price. The setup is also effortless. Being nicely designed, it is worth the purchase.

7.  BYL100 Watt Bestisan Soundbar

best soundbar for high ceilings

Are you struggling to grasp the dialogues on your TV due to low sound or aging ears? BYL 100 Watt Soundbar has a powerful bass that delivers loud and robust sound for your TV shows. Having this soundbar, watching any episode is fun, and you can finally understand every word.

Surround Sound Speakers:

Enjoying the luxury of music sitting in your home feels like theater. This product’s stereo surround sound guarantees the sound’s balanced output on both sides.

Its four full-range built-in speakers are loud enough. The rich bass adds to the comfort of music with its high-quality hearing range. 

DSP Technology:

With the help of ‘Dialogue Mode,’ you can ignore the background music and hear the dialogues. If you choose ‘Music’, you can have fun with music to its fullest. And if you select the ‘Movie Mode,’ the background sound becomes dominant. On the whole, it lets you enjoy a dynamic home audio experience.

News, movie, or music? It knows all. And so does it offer you all three choices for better sound effects. You can choose anyone according to your mood and bent of mind. This best soundbar for high ceilings displays the different modes using different colored LED lights.

Convenient TV Connection:

It has wired and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. With that, you get a solid anti-interference audio transmission. Furthermore, it supports RCA, Optical, Auxiliary-in, and USB input.

Bluetooth or Optical input eliminates the clutter of multiple cables, making them sound distinct. The bass makes it sound like you are in a movie theater. Music sounds lovely on Bluetooth.

Bluetooth gives stable connectivity, which is ideal for people who are hard of hearing. This sound bar takes only 15 minutes, with only three wires to hook up. You will adore the length of this soundbar which is well matched to a TV set of 40 inches or more.


  • Lightweight & easy to handle.
  • The sound output is phenomenal.
  • Clean & simple look.


  • There is no HDMI connector on the soundbar.
  • It does not display the volume level on the screen.


This smart soundbar looks beautiful and can be adjusted for dialogues, music, or movie. Delivering an exceptional sound adds colors to your fun time. Using Bluetooth for music from your smartphone seems incredible. But with the help of this particular unit, it is as easy as one-two-three.

8.  Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra Slim TV Soundbar

best soundbar for high ceilings

Don’t want to miss a single word of your favorite TV Show or Sporting Event? If your living room and kitchen are adjacent and make an ample space. Then why not make the best of this moment by getting the best soundbar for high ceilings? Getting the Polk Audio Signa Soundbar makes the music stream an easier one.

Excellent Sound & Value:

This low-profile soundbar reproduces clear and crisp dialogues. Its Dolby Atmos digital decoding reduces voice delays.

This digital decoding easily beats anything you hear from your TV’s tiny speakers and fits spaces with mid-to high-range sound. You can easily wall-mount it or place it in front of your TV, and it’ll not block your IR remote sensor.

The voice enhancement feature is fantastic and improves the dialogues on TV shows or different scenes. So you can enjoy rich, full tones of both; voices and background music. There are three other buttons for voice clarity levels.

Compact Wireless Subwoofer:

Its included wireless subwoofer delivers beautifully rich sound and connects automatically. Now you can watch your favorite shows with exceptional contrast and sound clarity.

The subwoofer creates an immersive home theatre and music listening experience that fills the entire space. In contrast, the five powerful full-range drivers maximize good accuracy.

Universal Compatibility:

Included optical and HDMI cables make the installation trouble-free. It has numerous connection possibilities; plug in any audio source via HDMI ARC, Optical Input & AUX so you can get a crystal clear sound. The Bluetooth syncing works efficiently.

Wireless Stream Music:

It comes with built-in Bluetooth technology. You can listen to music directly from your favorite streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora.

You can easily do this on your smartphone or from another compatible device. It quickly connects your TV to the soundbar. Set up is made easy so that you can start listening in minutes.

It turns on instantly along with your TV when you press the Remote. Even you can change the volume through your TV remote. If you are playing tunes, there’s no audio delay like in other systems.


  • Convenient TV Connection.
  • Compact and easy to place.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Sub woofer and sound bar synchronize well.
  • Easy to install.


  • Limited sound customization.
  • 15-minute auto-power-off feature.


This system has a nice bass, no distortion, and the music fills the room thoroughly. It’ll impress you through its surround sound accuracy. For its good sound quality vs. price, this system would receive a good appraisal from you.

9.  JBL Bar 5.1 Built-in Virtual Surround Soundbar

best soundbar for high ceilings

Tired of AV Receivers that come with external speakers and screw up the sound? You’ll not realize this unless you buy JBL 5.1 Built-in Virtual Surround Soundbar. It is an impressive unit, equally ideal for Gaming, Tv-Shows, and Music.

Powered Subwoofer:

If you want a deep, thrilling, and ground-shaking bass, its 10″ wireless subwoofer serves the purpose best. It supports Bluetooth and comes with a built-in Chromecast and Airplay 2.

They work effectively with Google Home and Home pod to bring you an immersive TV experience. All without the trouble of any extra wires or speakers.

4K Connectivity:

You can also connect it with HDMI. When you’re on ‘Smart Mode,’ JBL surround sounds are applied for rich sound effects to fit your taste. But your speaker is automatically set to ‘Stereo Mode‘ if you use HDMI or optical connection. At the same time, Dolby Atmos provides the best resolution. It delivers room-filling cinematic sound perfect for an epic movie viewing experience.

Fairly Compact:

Its compact design is worth enough to replace any big stereo unit and a bunch of speakers that make you feel troubled. It gets easily fits in your place and decor. Are you worried about the placement? Well, it is super easy whether to wall-mount it or place it in front of your TV.

Wireless Streaming:

It is compatible with Google Assistant and connects over WiFi as well. The sound is loud and distinct. Through Bluetooth, you can enjoy wireless streaming of your favorite content. With Alexa multi-room audio, you can group all your Alexa speakers and play music on them connectedly.


  • Heavy and solidly built.
  • Vocals are definite while watching TV.
  • Set up is a breeze.


  • It doesn’t connect to a PC.
  • There are no adjustments other than turning bass up/down.


JBL 5.1 Soundbar has phenomenal sound, and its connectivity is excellent. The bass has three settings, ranging from low to high, and most programs sound okay on the mid-level. But you’ll experience that movies sound best on the high setting because of the bass.

The built-in Chromecast technology adds a new level to streaming your favorite movies, video game scenes, and surround sound system.

10.  Bestisan Wired & Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

best soundbar for high ceilings

Want to get a richer sound with exceptional quality in a compact alternative? Using a soundbar in a room with high ceilings sometimes proves challenging. Luckily, Bestisan’s built-in 3D surround speakers support movie, music, and dialogue modes. This feature makes it one of the best soundbars for high ceilings.

Control With Remote:

It comes with high-sensitivity remote control to give you easy access. The remote handles the bass and treble, source selections, master volume controls, and an equalizer function for movies, dialogue, and music. It also adds to your gaming experience all the way. The given range is impressive and works perfectly through the TV screen.

DSP Technology:

This fantastic technology lets you hear all the particulars of your music and movie. Similarly, the 3D Surround Sound System enables you to get sharp and exceptional clarity.

It sounds pretty well & doesn’t hurt your ears picking up the small sounds in the background. You can easily understand the words in shows and movies.

Advanced Bluetooth Technology:

Laying on the couch or standing by the TV, you can still operate this soundbar speaker via the integrated top buttons or advanced Bluetooth technology. It will leave you amazed. You can pair it with other devices over Bluetooth in a few seconds.

Using the provided optical cable, you can also play it from the TV. In addition, it also supports RCA, USB, and Aux-input. You can also connect it to your iPad and computer via Bluetooth to get the same results.

3 Different Sound Modes:

Amazingly, it displays the different modes by various colored LED lights. The LED indicator shines through the grid to match the selected functions.

It shows all three sound modes: music, movie, and dialogue. Consider a family member in his 70s who wants to understand the chaotic voices on television.

Having this soundbar, they will feel an instant improvement in sound clarity and volume. So the ‘Dialogue Mode’ would be great for someone with a hearing deficiency.

Resonant Bass:

This speaker produces a clear, enjoyable to listen to, and pure bass. Its deep and powerful bass gives you a sound clear as a bell. With its advanced built-in subwoofer, you can enjoy expansive audio for all your movies, music, and TV shows. The intelligible voice function highlights the voice of dialogue, sports commentary, and film & TV shows.


  • Great bass and easy connectivity.
  • The Remote has excellent sound features and settings.
  • Fairly inexpensive.


  • The optical cord is a bit short.
  • The HDMI port is missing.


This soundbar will be a viable choice for your smart TV and adds to the beauty of your sweet home. It is compact and fits nicely in front of the TV to match your needs adequately. It works equally operative in the long living room of your apartment.

The installation and the setup are pretty simple, the appearance is good, and the price is reasonable. This soundbar is highly suggested for clear and enhanced dialogue clarity.

Guide To Buy the Best Soundbar for High Ceilings:

Who wouldn’t want to choose the highest quality soundbar according to the room and space? With various soundbars available in the market, it becomes challenging to pick the right one. Some of them are tremendous, while some are not worth the candle.

You should consider several key characteristics, such as features, price, durability, etc., to learn what is significant in the design. Therefore, we wrote this soundbar buying guide based on taking the manufacturers’ & customers’ feedback. Let’s have a look.

Dolby Atmos Technology:

It is preferable to go with Dolby Atmos. It does a terrific job and makes you feel like the music is coming from around you. Its upward-firing drivers make you feel like you are sitting in the center of the action.

However, to achieve a more immersive audio experience, we advise adding the subwoofer or looking for a built-in subwoofer.

Deep Bass & Subwoofer:

If you have a large room, you’ll require a subwoofer that produces a distinct sound. Whether you enjoy listening to bass-heavy music or watching movies, you should look for a soundbar with a powerful subwoofer.

Some soundbars have built-in subwoofers, while some support external add-ons. They help reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies that many soundbars can’t.

Multiple Inputs:

Ideally, a good soundbar should be able to link to various inputs. You need to see does it has enough HDMI inputs to connect your gadgets? Many soundbars have only one HDMI input, and it gets tricky if you want to link your cable box, game console, and streaming box all at once.

The HDMI connection is preferable as it is less prone to lags and network issues. Utilizing an optical cable is another choice.

Wireless Connectivity:

If soundbars include a wireless feature, they make the process more convenient. Multiple speakers in your home can exchange music via WiFi. But for this, you also need a good quality mesh WiFi system with a strong signal running throughout your home.

Otherwise, you can’t get a high-quality experience. Bluetooth is another requirement if you want to listen to your music wirelessly on a device. It enables you to enjoy sound clarity.

Audio Channels:

Opt for a model with at least three channels. Alternatively, you can go with 5-7 channels. These are considered speakers or a source of sound, respectively.

The 2-channel soundbar offers two speakers, one on the left and one on the right. A 3-channel offers one in the center. But for the most exemplary output, choose a five or 7-channel model. Alternatively, you can invest in a Dolby Atmos soundbar.

Our Pick:

Our selection of the best soundbar for high ceilings is JBL 5.1- Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar. It delivers the performance that will keep you and your family in good spirits.

The space-saving soundbar not only catches minor sound details but is also an eye-catching addition to your room. It sounds good in a standard-sized room and aids you in experiencing quality music in a room with high ceilings.


Any best soundbar for high ceilings picks your voice from every direction for added accuracy. Internal height can negatively affect the quality of your home entertainment.

So if you want to enjoy a movie or watch your favorite show, you need a soundbar that prevents harmonic distortion.

Additionally, it should produce a high-quality audio connection to a wide array of smart devices to float your boat. It needs to be easy to set up or mount on the wall. With so many models, everyone should choose the one that fits their needs and budget.

FAQs – Best Soundbar for High Ceilings

Do soundbars work in large rooms?

Soundbars are an excellent choice for a large room as they are designed and equipped with a subwoofer. Due to high-quality speakers, they have a powerful audio output that fills the room. Of course, the position and placement of a sound bar also matter a lot.

Does Dolby Atmos work with high ceilings?

Dolby Atmos creates the sensation of overhead audio without additional speakers working with the soundbar. A high ceiling can interfere with the auditory experience and good sound projection.
If you have a non-reflective ceiling, you can install in-ceiling speakers to enjoy the same unique Dolby Atmos experience. In addition, you can fine-tune Atmos height cues to help compensate for a ceiling too high or too low.

Does Sonos arc work with high ceilings?

Sono Arc is designed to use a conventional flat and lower ceiling. A high ceiling can limit the ability to hear the height channels. Adding two in-ceiling speakers as rear surrounds to an Arc can give a more immersive home theatre audio experience.
It’d also be a good idea to choose the Arc with upward-firing speakers reflecting the ceiling sound. Moreover, an enhanced Trueplay will bring a customized listening experience to your home.

How high should a soundbar be from the floor?

Proper height, location, and placement of the speakers matter a lot. Room height makes a surprisingly big difference. The best soundbar height is usually around your ear level when seated.
Placing too higher or lower can affect the auditory and cinema-quality of the room. However, some people mount it under the TV. This way, the sound is better aimed at the listener.

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