Top 5 Best Projector for Church (2024 Updated)

Are you looking for the best projector for church so you are in the right place because we have the best list for church projectors.

So you need a projector that is suitable for decorating a church sanctuary. The projector should provide high-quality passages from fonts, messages, texts, and video presentations. When choosing a church projector, you need to understand the system’s capabilities and whether it suits your needs.

Decide on the required applications to include in the service. The magnification of the image and the projection of the surroundings, and the projector screen’s location will be positioned.

Take accurate measurements so you don’t guess how big your screen should be. An integral element of the projector is the question of brightness. The more natural light is in the worship space, the more difficult it will be for projectors to do their job.

It is recommended to operate the projector with a brightness of at least 5,000 lumens. Noise and fan ventilation can also affect the projector’s decision. Finally, the reasonable range for a church projector is between 28 and 43 dB.

Unfortunately, with technology continually changing, selecting the best version to facilitate your shopping experience can sometimes be challenging.

Our team of researchers has spent weeks testing different projectors that are currently available on the market.

In this article, you will find our models—favourites in all shapes and sizes. If you’re interested in any of the projectors on our list, we’ve included the links below; keep looking to learn about each one.

List of 5 Best Projector for Church

  • LG HU85LA 4K Projector
  • VANKYO Performance V630
  • DBPOWER L21 Video Projector
  • Optima X600 XGA Projector
  • ViewSonic PG800HD
Name Display Resolution
LG HU85LA 4K Projector4K UHD
VANKYO Performance V630FHD
DBPOWER L21 Video ProjectorHD
Optima X600 XGA ProjectorFHD
ViewSonic PG800HDFHD

Best Projector for Church – Reviews

1. Best Overall – LG HU85LA 4K Projector for Church

best projector for church


  • Realistic 4k Picture Quality
  • Ultimate Color Accuracy
  • Versatile Connectivity
  • 3 Channel Laser

At number one is the LG HU85LA 4K Laser Smart Home Cinema Cinebene Projector. This incredible 4K UHD projector from LG is the cutting edge of projection technology.

It offers impressive 13 by five by 27-inch image quality. It is compact and looks durable, while the white color scheme and gray speaker cover give it a cool, modern look right out of the box.

The LG projector features plenty of connectivity options, including dual HDMI ports and a single port of USB-C that are sufficient for power delivery and media playback under the projector.

You’ll find volume and channel controls, as well as a handy joystick, to turn on the projector. Setting up the LG hu85 la is a piece of cake; place it two to seven inches away from the screen surface, turn it on, and plug in your input periphery at 2.2 inches away.

You can enjoy a 90-inch screen size and 120-inch projection, while 7.2 inches away in terms of screen specs.

The LG projector guarantees a whopping 3840b and 4k resolution of 2160 along with support for HDR 10 and 4k upscaling.

You will also love the 2 million to 1 contrast ratio and considerable brightness of 2,700 lumens. All of which combine to deliver crisp, clear images as with many other smart projectors out there.

The unit also comes with a wide range of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Web OS in the gallery.

If you are a fan of voice control. In that case, the remote control’s built-in microphone allows you to change the volume, navigate different applications, and much more.

Besides that, the projector is compatible with the Google Assistant, which will enable you to control the system itself and other smart home devices within the Google ecosystem.

The six-inch-long LG Magic Remote also doubles as a Wii remote, allowing you to point at the screen and make selections.

If you’re looking for a cinema-quality smart projector that does not limit your mobility, the LG HU-85 LA is a solid choice that offers superior image quality with many smart options and multiple peripheral connectivity options.

However, as a standalone product, the sound output is a bit clunky. You may need to match the high-quality picture with speakers of equal quality.

Best Projector for Small Church

2. Best for Small Church – VANKYO Performance V630 Projector for Small Church


  • Multiple Installation Method
  • Wide Compatibility Projector
  • Real Native 1080P Full HD
  • 45 Degree Electronic Keystone

Next on our list is the native 1080p full HD Sankyo performance v630 projector. The budget full HD projector is designed to give you a great movie experience with 1920x1080p native resolution, 6000 lux, and 5001 contrast ratio.

It provides details of a sharp image and crisp background colours regardless of the video content you are watching.

In regards to the projection size of the screen, the vankyo v630 does not disappoint. It comes with 300 inches of maximum screen size and a minimum screen size of 46 inches, making it versatile and flexible.

Equally flexible is the projection distance. The v630 can transmit images from distances of between five and a half feet to thirty and a half feet.

It is giving you plenty of room to maneuver from one setting to another. Another intuitive feature that sets the v630 apart is the wide selection of compatibility.

It can handle HDMI av VGA, and USB, allowing you to iterate using multiple input devices and video types. It is also one of the few projectors on the market that incorporates SD card slots.

Finally, controlling the Vanco performance v630 projector is easy. Thanks to the row of simple control buttons on the top of the projector.

If you are looking for a versatile projector. In that case, vankyo v630 should be at the top of your list with beautiful electronic keystone correction technology.

With full HD resolution and vivid 6000-lumen brightness, it is an excellent solution for any large home theater If you are not impressed with the first two items, keep looking because more projectors lined up. Now let’s continue.

3. Best Value – DBPOWER L21 Video Projector


  • Multimedia Portable Projector
  • Amazing Movie Experience
  • Remarkable Brightness
  • Incredible Speakers

At number three is the DBPOWER L21 Video Projector. This projector is easily one of the most stylish models on our list. It is made of abs plastic. It comes with a kite pattern on top.

A waveform pattern stripped on the front and an etched DB power logo on the corner, giving it a modern look.

The vents on the sides also double as aesthetic and airflow inlets to keep the dual fan and lens cool during operation.

In terms of connectivity, the DB power l21 accommodates one power input jack, one standard VGA port, one USB port, two HDMI ports, one av port, and one 3.5mm audio-out jack.

If you love to play videos, then there is an sd slot along with which the l21 supports screen sizes between 40 inches and 200 inches.

However, the manufacturer recommends something between one and five meters to place this projector easily.

Thanks to the screw-on adjustable legs, you can even put it on the floor without affecting your viewing angles. No matter the lighting conditions in your theater.

The 4,200-lumen bulb supports both dark and regular natural home lighting. Although bright fluorescent lights may dominate the unit, that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker because the L-21 has an impeccable 3000-to-1 contrast ratio. You won.

You don’t have to strain to watch your favorite movies when it comes to resolution. The l21 is limited as it does not offer full HD but instead maxes out at 720p. Although it still has 1080p videos.

This is not ideal, but considering the price of this unit, it is an acceptable trade-off. That said, if you are watching an older TV show or movie, you won’t see the dreaded black bars around the edges of the l21 because it supports a 4 3 aspect ratio and 16 9.

To control this projector, you will need to use this simple nine key control panel on the top. It is easily accessible, making it ideal for playing videos or adjusting various settings.

Alternatively, you can use the small remote control to change settings without getting out of your chair.

4. Optima X600 XGA Projector for Churches


  • High brightness
  • Extensive connectivity options
  • Network control with Crestron room view
  • Easy set-up
  • Integrated speaker
  • Incredible picture quality

The Optima X600 XGA network projector is the perfect solution for large installations in the business and educational fields.

The Crestron network control in the room allows its own interface to be configured for the monitor and the remote control of up to 250 projectors from any computer.

The current balance of 6,000 lumens combined with a 10,000: 1 contrast ratio presented incrementally clears with vibrant colors and text and graphs of threads and claws.

Ideal for use in large desktop applications that require detailed image information. The X600 comes with an impressive range of connectivity options that include a panel, HDMI, VGA, VGA balance, S-Video, video compositor, 12 V, RS-232C, and RJ45 compatibility, and 3D compatibility.

Best Projector For Church Sanctuary

5. Best for Church Sanctuary – ViewSonic PG800HD

  • Best for Churches
  • Easy to Setup
  • Wonderful Color Accuracy
  • Multiple Connectivity Ports

We love the best ViewSonic projector for the church, which is too big and built with a number of unique features and improved technology.

The ViewSonic PG800HD offering you the perfect way to have fun and entertainment, make your life easier and let you watch things on big screens.

Installing these projector systems in a church is so easy and straightforward; You can easily set up a church projector in minutes.

The best projector for the church, which provides you with features such as an advanced visual system, such as ideal for professional installations, businesses, large places and educational environments.

Best of all, however, this best church projector can project up to 300 inches at 5,000 lumens with a perfect 50,000: 1 contrast ratio.

You will love the classics and details of the projector, which will never show you any dull or broken image quality.

You can also find easy-to-install settings, where the best church projector offers 1.3x optical zoom, vertical lens shift, center lens, as well as vertical keystone distortion, giving you flexible placement in demanding installations.

However, the best projector for the church will give you exceptional and fantastic color accuracy, which includes the most exclusive and powerful six-segment color wheel along with dynamic lamp control options, so you can watch amazingly beautiful images.

And yes, be sure to notice its flexible connectivity feature, which supports almost all media players, Macs, PCs, and mobile devices using input options such as USB, HDMI, and more.

So now connectivity is becoming more convenient with less complications and hassles.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, the five best projector for church on the market. We hope this list helps you distinguish between projectors that are worth the investment.

If you found an interesting church projector, click on the product links to see it at its discounted price. We are always looking forward to your suggestions and feedback.

If there is a product you have in mind that you would love to have us a review, then comment below in the comment section, and our research team will be happy to review it for you as well.

Thank you all for reading. Stay safe and happy.

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