5 Best iPad Pro 10.5 Case with Pencil Holder in 2024

Finding the perfect cover for iPad Pro 10.5? Take a look at our list of 5 best iPad Pro 10.5 case with pencil holder. Do give it a check and choose the best.

Since its debut in 2017, the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 has distinguished itself as one of the best tablet devices. Protect it by choosing from the 5 best iPad Pro 10.5 case with pencil holder.  Apple iPad Pro 10.5 not only looks exquisite, but the top-notch specification it offers blows the user’s mind. 

Apple IPad Pro features a beautiful aluminum body that requires some sort of protection to retain its beauty. Isn’t? Then why not consider choosing a cover to protect its scratch-prone lustrous body. After extensive research, we have prepared a list of 5 Best iPad Pro 10.5 cases. In this article, we will review some of the Best iPad Pro 10.5 case with Pencil holders.  

Let’s dive deep to know more.

Twelve South BookBook iPad Pro 10.5 Case

best iPad Pro 10.5 case with pencil holder


  • Built-in holster for Apple Pencil or Stylus
  • Compatible with 10.5-inch iPad Pro/ 10.5-inch iPad Air
  • Integrated stand angles for comfortable sketching and typing

Top 5 best iPad Pro 10.5 cases with pencil holder in 2022

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1. Twelve South BookBook iPad Pro 10.5 Case – Durable Leather Case

best iPad Pro 10.5 case with pencil holder

One drop can make your Apple iPad screen shattered; save it before it’s too late. Protect your iPad Pro 10.5 with Twelve South BookBook Cover. This ultimate leather iPad Pro accessory will guard your device in every situation. This literary chic book-shaped cover can gladden the hearts of vintage book lovers. 

Vintage style

The brown-colored leather case marks the style statement with its vintage hint. The unique hardcover novel design looks classy and ensures the iPad Pro’s security from every corner and every side.  


The cover features adjustable settings in terms of display. Watch movies or draw sketches; integrated kickstand angles let you do it all comfortably. It features an interior pocket for keeping an Apple pencil or stylus. 


The Twelve South BookBook Cover model is versatile as well. It is equally compatible with iPad Pro and iPad Air (10.5 inches).


  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent positioning
  • Perfect for traveling


  • Bit heavy


The classy vintage novel design is crafted with leather. It fits well, and the zipper conceals the IPad, providing optimum protection. A quirky treat for book lovers.

2. Antbox iPad Pro 10.5 Case – Leather Smart Cover

best iPad Pro 10.5 case with pencil holder

Upgrade your cover game with an Antbox iPad Pro cover. This iPad Pro cover is a real bang for bucks as the sleep/wake function makes it a banging shot. The ergonomic design made with genuine leather with a sleek finish makes it very appealing. 

Built-in pencil holder

The beautifully designed leather cover comes with a space for Apple pencil insertion. This means no more pencil dropping. The presence of holes in the space allows fast and easy insertion/removal of the Apple pencil. The cover firmly holds the cap and pencil and keeps them in their place. 

Sleep/wake function

The Antbox iPad Pro cover features strong magnets which ensure fast response (0.1sec). Automatic power reduction happens due to a quick response to sleep/wake function. 

View mode

You no longer have to worry about weird postures while enjoying screen time as Antbox iPad covers come with a stand mode. This allows the cover to bend at various angles, making your posture more comfortable and your screen time more relaxing. 


  • Light weight
  • Well made
  • Magnetic flap
  • Convenient pencil holder


  • Build quality is compromised 


Primarily designed for iPad Pro with perfect cuts make it a great pick. The magnetic flap, built-in pencil holder, and easy access to the button mark it as an ideal fit for the iPad. Leather exteriors give it a professional look.

3. GexmiliPad Pro 10.5 Case – Genuine Leather Case

best iPad Pro 10.5 case with pencil holder

Wrap your precious iPad Pro 10.5 in a luxury leather-crafted cover. Protect the device with style as the delicate flower pattern design gives it a classy old book look. Solid construction is compatible with the sleep/wake feature. A lifetime warranty claim is a bonus point.

Premium leather

GEXMIL iPad cases are made by using premium leather with added quality and strength. Delicately designed surface layer gives it a catchy and stylish look. It feels super soft in the hands and provides all-around protection from the edges to the screen. 

Lifetime warranty

Who doesn’t want the product to have a lifetime guarantee claim? Well, the big news is GEXMIL iPad cases offer a lifetime warranty to their users. If you face any issue, just simply contact and get your cover replaced. 

Precise position

Make this your go-to cover as it is finely structured and fits perfectly with the iPad Pro 10.5. You will face no difficulty in accessing any button, port, or exterior feature. Multiple slots are available within the cover to position multiple stand angles. 


  • Awesome build quality
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Worth the cost
  • Intricate design


  • The camera hole needs beefing up.


The intricate design combined with solid construction makes the GEXMIL iPad case a definite hit. Tooled leather cover offers different angled positions—a comprehensive protection case for your beloved device.

4. OCYCLONE iPad Pro 10.5 Case – Heavy Duty Rugged Protective Case

best iPad Pro 10.5 case with pencil holder

If you like luxuriously modern design covers and find one for your iPad Pro10.5. You don’t have to look further as the Ocycolne iPad Pro cover offers an ultra-modern luxury protective cover for iPad Pro 10.5. The clear hybrid design looks substantial with premium exteriors.

Full protection

Put an end to your shocks and drop worries as the Ocycolne iPad Pro cover is a shock-proof case. Magnetic closure ensures extra protection for every edge. The Hybrid transparent design allows you to showcase your customize creations at the back. 

Strong magnetic

Secure your tablet at seven different angles with an adjustable magnetic kickstand. It provides precise angles for every situation. It also supports sleep/wake function. 

Precise design

Not only does it look stylish but impeccable attention to its details makes it a worthy choice. It features perfect cut-outs that quickly adjust and provides easy access to every button and port. It is equally compatible with iPad Pro and iPad Air (10.5).


  • Great snug fit
  • Sturdy back
  • Multi stand angle
  • Not bulky


  • Cut-out placements may cause a little difficulty.


A heavy-duty case with multi-stand angles and enhanced protection. Easy adjustments and rich compatibility with sleep/wake mode. A modern hit with a transparent back. 

5. Targus VersaVu iPad Pro 10.5 Case – Slim Protective Tablet Case

best iPad Pro 10.5 case with pencil holder

Unlike other over stylish and heavily designed iPad Pro covers on the market, the Targus VersaVu cover is elegant and straightforward. A simple and ideal choice for your iPad Pro 10.5. It offers multiple color options within the same model. Protect your iPad with added functionality. 

360° rotation  

A flexible cover offering maximum rotation. Switch to landscape or portrait mode as per your convenience. The viewing angles are pretty adjustable with easy view options.

Precise cuts

The precise cut-out snugly fits iPad Pro and provides easy access to all exterior features such as camera, speaker, volume button, etc. 

Enhanced protection

Targus VersaVu cover provides optimum protection to the gadget. The cover has passed the military-grade drop test, ensuring complete safety in dropping situations.


  • Elegant design
  • Easy holding
  • Durable
  • Snug fit


  • Not long-lasting


Elegant and secure cover with snug fit quality. It features a broad, stable base for different viewing modes—an ultimate cover for people who have a simple taste.

Guide to buying the best iPad Pro 10.5 case with a Pencil holder

best iPad Pro 10.5 case with pencil holder

Who wants their table to get ruined by dust and scratches, especially when it’s a hotshot iPad Pro? Nobody right. Therefore, a well-fitted IPad Pro cover with a pencil holder will get your device cover in case of a drop or unnecessary scratches. But to choose the right one from a plethora of options, you must take into account some essential aspects.  

  • Build quality

Before buying a cover for your Apple iPad Pro, you must check the quality of the material from which the cover is made. Build quality proves to be a deciding factor in the buying process as it is directly connected to the cover’s durability. You don’t want to end up changing your iPad cover now and then.

  • Sleep/wake function

Check for the compatibility of the cover with the sleep/wake function of iPad Pro. This function lets the iPad turn on or off when the cover is placed on the screen or lifted. This factor may seem trivial, but these minor features benefit a lot in day-to-day device usage. 

  • Apple iPad case

Cases from Apple Company are indeed expensive as compared to third-party-produced covers. But undoubtedly the quality and fittings Apple offer is unmatched. Apple covers are way more durable and fit well to the model. 

But this doesn’t make other covers inferior. They also provide good value for money. But, if your budget is not restricted, you can go for an Apple cover for your Apple iPad Pro 10.5.

  • Right Cover

Make sure to seek the right cover for your Apple iPad model, as every cover is not compatible with every model. Therefore, it is necessary to attach the device and then check for compatibility and fitting situations.

Our Pick

Winner announcement time has come.

Our best pick for the Best iPad Pro 10.5 case with Pencil holder is Twelve South BookBook IPad Pro10.5 Case. This iPad Pro 10.5 case features all amazing qualities, we think this cover would be a guardian for your precious gadget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Apple Pencil work with 10.5 iPad?

Entry-level to mini iPad supports first-generation pencils. However, recent releases such as 2018, 2020 models support second-generation Apple pencils. Specifically, the iPad Pro 10.5 inches (2017) supports the first-generation Apple pencil.

Does an iPad air case fit an iPad Pro?

If you own a cover of Apple iPad Air 3, 10.5, then the same cover is most likely to fit Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inches as well. The smart cover easily fits both models as the size is similar. But, the Apple iPad Air case doesn’t have a true tone flash, so the camera holes of the Apple iPad Pro will not fit perfectly.

What’s the difference between Apple Pencil 1 and 2?

Apple pencil 2 comes with various modifications from its predecessor, Apple pencil 1. Therefore, there is a visible difference between both Apple pencils. The prominent one is the charging method as Apple pencil 1 is charged through a lightning bolt whereas Apple pencil 2 comes with wireless charging options.
Appearance-wise, Apple pencil 2 is thinner and shorter with a flat side for better grip. On the other hand, Apple pencil 1 is round with a silver band on it.

Is iPad 10.5 and iPad Pro 10.5 the same size?

YES, in terms of screen size, both models share the same 10.5 inches of screen size. The iPad 10.5 and iPad Pro 10.5 are similar in screen size, resolution, battery life, connector Sim card, etc. But some specifications vary, such as camera, RAM, speakers, etc.


So, this was all regarding some of the best iPad Pro 10.5 case with pencil holder available on the market. We hope this will help you to choose the right cover. We are certain you now know how to make a safe decision.

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