Top 5 Best Indoor Bug Zapper for Fruit Flies in 2024

Fruit flies become irritating as summer approaches and that’s why you need a best indoor bug zapper for fruit flies. They effectively eliminate flies, mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies but which is the best indoor fruit fly zapper to buy so we’ve narrowed down the five best bug zappers for fruit flies that might be an option based on your exact needs So join us as we introduce them one by one now, let’s get started.

List of Best Indoor Bug Zapper for Fruit Flies

  • Black Flag Bug Zapper
  • Bell + Howell Monster Bug Zapper
  • Bite Shield Solar Zapper
  • BLACK+DECKER Indoor Sticky Bug Trap
  • SereneLife Indoor Bug Zapper
Black Flag Bug Zapper for Fruit Flies4.7
Bell Howell Monster Fruit Flies Bug Zapper4.5
Bite Shield Solar Zapper4.4
BLACK+DECKER Indoor Sticky Bug Trap4.5
SereneLife Indoor Bug Zapper4.7

Best Indoor Bug Zapper for Fruit Flies – Reviews

1. Best Overall: Black Flag Bug Zapper for Fruit Flies


  • 2000 Volts of Power
  • 20% More Bulb Life
  • Circuit Broad Technology
  • UV Light Attraction System

The first product on our list is the 2000 volt 1/2 acre black flag bug zapper. Being the number one brand in its category, insects don’t stand a chance with this premium quality bug remover.

This bug remover Insect uses 2000 volts of power. The Weather Resistant Bug Eliminator keeps flying pests out of your patios and with up to a half-acre coverage while using 30 per cent less energy to provide twenty per cent longer bulb life.

It is equipped with a circuit board technology and an attracting ultraviolet light. It has a 15-watt ultraviolet emitting bulb that is very effective in attracting mosquitoes that bite flies, wasps and other light-seeking insects on your grid that eliminate them on contact.

The good thing is that insects do not adhere to the zapper. It is quite easy to maintain and clean. This product is housed with an external safety shield to prevent children and pets from touching the high voltage grid, and it comes with an attached metal ring for easy storage.

It includes an on Tanol mosquito and a universal fit clip that can last up to 30 days of continuous release.

The attractant is not liquid, so you won’t have to worry about spills or stinky things getting your hands dirty.

It is known to be very effective in attracting most species of mosquitoes. And it can increase your catch rate up to 10 times.

This bug remover can work for 24 hours on a 5-hour charge. With this premium bug remover, now you can enjoy your outdoor leisure without worrying about insects swarming around or apply chemical repellents.

Best Indoor Fruit Fly Zapper

2. Best for Fruit Flies: Bell + Howell Monster Bug Zapper for Fruit Flies


  • Two 20-Watts Ultraviolet Bulbs
  • Tight Plastic Casing
  • Removable Bottom Tray
  • 71 Inches Chord

The second product on our list is bell and Howell’s 2800 dome monster zapper. This high-performance indoor bug zapper attracts and kills house flies, mosquitoes, and insects instantly without the use of dangerous pesticides and chemicals.

In this product, you can make sure it is clean and safe without chemicals and odour free, perfect for homes, offices, schools or commercial, residential and industrial use.

This monster bug buster uses only two 20 watt ultraviolet bulbs to attract the insects and then cast vaults to remove pests. Even the fruit flies, you won’t do not have to worry about an increase in your electric bill or expensive pest spraying fees.

This product is protected by a close-fitting plastic shell that makes it safe for your children and pets weighing just three pounds for easy replacement unit on your walls or ceiling or hang it up. Wherever you use the included hanging chain, you can also simply place it on your tables and desks to keep it out of the reach of your children or pets.

It has a removable bottom tray to catch dead bugs, allowing for quick rinsing in the sink. Best of all, with its easy on / off switch. It’s super easy to use, just plug it in, turn it on, and then it’ll go up and running instantly.

It also has an extra 71-inch long cord that plugs into virtually any outlet. You can say goodbye to the flying pests that seem to plague your home and avoid tons of chemical sprays and bug bites.

Now that we’ve looked at the first two bug eliminators on the list, did you like any of them? If not, don’t worry as we still have three more articles to come.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to let us know in the comments we are always looking forward to reading them, and we will do our best to answer them all now back to the list.

3. Best Solar: Bite Shield Solar Zapper


  • 1,200 Voltage Grid Zaps
  • 6-Volt Solar Panel
  • Lasts 15 Hours on a Full Charge
  • Easy to Install

The following item is the bite shield zapper sunscreen. Suppose you are one of those people who love the outdoors or have an insect problem in your garden.

In that case, the portable and versatile design of this product is perfect for you. This Bug zapper uses solar energy to kill insects without the use of harmful chemicals or sprays.

Its specialized 1200-volt grid weakens flying insects on contact. It has a 6-volt solar panel that fully recharges after eight hours of sunlight.

The 3.6-volt lithium battery is charged, you can enjoy a bug-free experience environment that lasts 15 hours on a full charge that provides reliable and continuous control of unwanted flying insects.

It weighs 1.95 pounds, and this insect eliminator can be placed on the floor or hung against the wall. It is a lightweight and practical design that makes it perfect for backyard camping or outdoor space activities.

This bug remover is fully solar-powered, easy to install and maintenance-free, you don’t have to rely on kinky wires or plugs.

The catch cup in the bottom allows you to get rid of dead insects easily. It also comes with a cleaning brush.

A hanging hook for easy travel to barbecues, picnics, camping, hiking, fishing or any outdoor activity, on an extra-large removable tray you have.

An outer protective grid that provides a layer of protection to prevent accidental injury to children or pets. With this bite guard sunscreen, you can now take back your outdoor activities and make your outdoor space more comfortable and relaxing.

4. Best Budget: BLACK+DECKER Indoor Sticky Bug Trap


  • Non-Toxic LED Technology
  • Lantern-Like Design
  • Protective Grid
  • Washable Collecting Tray

The fourth item on our list is the Black Decker Sticky Bug Trap. If your family couldn’t sleep through the night due to bug bites, then win the war against bug infestations, with this awesome Indoor Sticky Bug Trap and efficient that is this brand known as a manufacturer of power tools, accessories, hardware and home improvement products that offer a sticky insect trap to provide reliable coverage of up to 300 square feet.

Its non-toxic LED technology blurs insects and even the most insects little ones with their super sticky glue trap which is undoubtedly impossible. For these flies to escape, this bulb does not use chemical baits or release toxins when used.

This insect trap has a flashlight-like design that features multiple light settings; one of the distinguishing features of the item is its setting mode sun at dawn, allowing night detection.

Insects that are harder to spot and catch during the day without the need for ugly traps or flypaper, you can easily place it in your home as a decorative piece.

This insect trap is covered with a protective grid to prevent your children and pets touching the internal electrified grid.

It does not use chemical vapours or sprays. It does not irritate the breath, as it is perfect for residential and commercial use.

It is 100% non-toxic, and its light does not irritate the human eye. This insect trap also comes with a convenient washable catch tray to easily dispose of dead insects and excess debris by placing the unit close to the source of insects.

So you have already decided which bug remover suits your needs, we will wait a little longer because we still have one more worth mentioning notified every time we upload new content.

5. Best Effective: Serene Life Indoor Bug Zapper


  • Laboratory-Tasted
  • Two 15-Watts Bulb
  • 110V Volt of Power
  • Easily Removable Waste Bucket

Now let’s move on to the fifth item, now the thing that is the last but not least on our list not to be missed is the electronic plug-in pest control to eliminate indoor bugs from a serene life when it feels like a constant battle.

To keep pests out and prevent them from damaging your property, you can’t go wrong with this product.

This serene living offering has been lab-tested and shown to significantly increase pest attraction and effectively kill unwanted insects and pests.

A friendly zapper that does not use harmful chemicals, which is perfect for indoor use as there will be no strong odours in the air. Using this eco-friendly pest control to control pests at home is safer for you, your family and your pets.

This error remover works with only a 2215 watt bulb, and its built-in UV light attracts insects and provides reliable coverage for over 500 square feet.

It uses 110 volts of power to operate and a 4000-volt magnetic drive power cord for convenient hanging or wall mounting.

It features a low-power design that makes its energy-efficient and helps save a portion of your monthly bill.

The easily removable trash tray makes this Bug Eliminator easy to maintain, unlike other pest control methods.

It doesn’t require you to seal all your food, clean your refrigerator or leave your home at night. This is just a pest control plug, and you won’t have to worry about your family leaving home during treatment, and it won’t interrupt your home routine anyway.

Wrapping up

There you have it. We’ve finished reviewing the five best indoor bug zapper for fruit flies on the market to date. We hope this article will help you choose one of the best items for your favourite activities during the summer or the year.

So head over to the links ever product since we have prepared links where you can see these items at their best prices.

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions as we are always waiting for our list of the best indoor bug zapper for fruit flies to conclude. Thanks for reading. Stay happy and safe.

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